Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for an overhaul

What's that? I hear you say...Isn't that what she's been doing for the last 18 months?
Well, yes and no. I have been doing a little 'life' overhauling: changing my job, my motivators and my attitude (but sadly not my waistline). Overall, it's been great, and I'm happy about the direction my life is taking (except for the obvious big hole that I now have in my life).

But no, when I say it's time for an overhaul, I'm talking about my blog.
Let's face it, the original reason for starting this blog has kinda run its course. That's not to say I am now magically cured of the grief that I have carried all this time, it's just that the things that I used to post about it here are no longer quite so dominating.

My mum suggested that I close the chapter of the 'grieving mother' part of my blog, and begin a new one. I've got almost enough in there for a little book, and there may come a time that I turn it all into one. But she's right. It's a good idea I think.

I've asked you (my dear, loyal, and lately neglected readers) before just what I should be plonking in here, and you have kindly furnished me with suggestions.

Many of which I hope to take up. Some of the more 'writery' figures in the world say that we should 'write what we know'. For me, that's both easy and incredibly difficult. Easy, because there's lots of stuff that I like, but difficult because there's so much bloody stuff that I like! TRicky to narrow it down...

So, you'll probably notice some changes over the coming months. Perhaps some regular posts, like my movie reviews, some of my everlasting battle with my bulge (oh yeah, it's coming!), not so much about work (though I do have another blog based around that stuff - I do get it to it very occasionally), lots about Oliver and his adventures, and maybe even some music and photography (I'm sure spring will bring out my inner photographer again - at least I hope so!). And of course there will always be that odd moment when it all becomes too much, or something sparks a wonderful memory of my beautiful boy.

I thank you, fine people, for the time you have shared with me. Some of it's been...well, shitty, but I've always appreciated that there were people there that were there with me, that shared it with me. It's hard to explain but having you here with me has been a big part of my healing.
I know some of you are probably here because of the grief stuff, and I'll understand if you don't love the new stuff, but I hope you'll check in occasionally.

Stay tuned for come changes...


  1. Mel's Dad/Sam and Oliver's GrandadAugust 29, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    Dearest Girl,
    There was a saying I heard years ago which said, "Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better" (or something like that). I did look it up once, and it is attributed to someone whose name I can't recall. But, it applies very much to you and what you have done with this blog, and you should be very proud of it.

    The other thing we heard on an interview the other day, is that we (those of us who want to write), should write something every day. Just get it all down, and then (later), re-write and re-write, until we are happy with it.

    Luv, Dad

  2. Isn't it John Lennon? (beautiful boy). He has said many wise things...
    Thanks Dad, I will try to write often, and probably subject those who stumble across my blog to some of it too! :)

  3. Mel's Dad/Sam and Oliver's GrandadAugust 30, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    Hi Mel,
    Apparently it was Emile Coue (father of "auto-suggestion"), but it is used in a John Lennon song, "Beautiful Boy"
    Luv, Dad

  4. SO proud of you MEl! Looking forward to watching the evolution!

  5. A great way to celebrate the start of spring. I hope you are heading to The Living End gig next week - I'll look for you in the crowd. Sue E.


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