Samuel Connor McLauchlan

5/3/1996 - 22/12/2009

This blog started as a tribute to my son Samuel, and as a way for me to work my way through the grief that followed his sudden death at Christmas time in 2009. This page is dedicated to him and his memory. As I move forward with the blog, I will make sure this space is just for him.

This is the last photo taken of Samuel. It was taken in November 2009.
If you'd like to know more about my gorgeous Sam, you can read about him (and how we dealt with his death) in blog posts from 2010 until around February 2012. After that time, the posts were more about me finding my way with the blog.

Specifically, you can read about his first days here; his transition to teenager; our last (happy) days together here; his relationship with his brother Oliver; our shared passion for music an the amazing response we had from one of his favourite musicians; and how amazing his school has been.

We still miss Samuel every day. But in his honour we have also tried to make life special every day. And that's why I want to keep this blog going.

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