Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm booooooored!

That's what Oli's just informed me. 

Not at all reasonable of course, because of the following:
  • His friend, Spencer, has only just left after a sleepover.
  • He has 40 000 toys to keep him busy.
  • He has about 10 drawing books, heaps of paper, pens, paints and canvases.
  • The TV's on.
  • He's got my iPad.
  • He has a whole room full of Lego.
  • He has a Nerf gun in his hand that his dad was kind enough to modify for him this morning.
Yes yes, you say, but why aren't you doing something with him?

I know that me complaining about Oliver's boredom may lead you to believe that I'm a terrible mother that never does anything with my child, instead plying him with toys and friends to keep him busy. Well, that's true (in part), but I do like to think that I balance that with quality time. Sometimes.

The truth is, at the moment I'm supposed to be marking a bunch of uni assignments (can't you tell by the way I'm bent over the books?). Which is why I had organised the sleepover. So that I wouldn't get the 'can we play a board game/hide and seek/Nerf wars' requests all day.

But of course now Spencer is gone, and Oli's got to entertain himself. Hence the 'I'm bored' statement.
I'd be interested to know whether this is a new phenomenon, or if it's as timeless as the act of having children.

Certainly, I remember boredom as a young 'un, but hey, I didn't have iPads or the internet (god I'm old!).

In their defence, my boys were always pretty good at entertaining themselves, and didn't seem o hate their own company as some kids do. But they have their moments.

What's your take on the 'I'm bored' scenario?


  1. Way to much choice nowadays. Sometimes it's easier to be bored than make a decision. Love it when someone else makes a suggestion when I'm in that sort of mood. Sue E.

  2. Mel's Dad/Sam and Oliver's GrandadNovember 22, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    Dearest Girl, I guess it has come with all the new innovations and tech/electric sophistication in games, toys, media, etc. etc.
    Back in the 1950/60's it was always being able to entertain yourselves, or more correctly, having to. No TV, only radio, and going to the "pictures" or walking everywhere, and when you stopped, you dropped! Your boys were/are very lucky that you both do so much with them, my parents never really did.
    Just tell Ollie there is no such thing as boredom, 'cause Grandad said so!!


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