Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Every time I drop off the blog radar, I come back saying I've been busy.
Well this time I really have been busy. Super-dooper busy!
The end of my uni semester was crazy, with 60 gigantic assignments to mark, which pretty much took up every moment that wasn't filled with work and sleep (my poor little neglected family!).
But, I'm not going to waste your time with that, I've got lots of other exciting adventures to write about!

I'm going to start with Friday. Today's post is about my 38th birthday.

I think I may have mentioned previously that I have spent the last year telling people I'm turning 39 this year. It was only when I was talking about my 40th (and the grand celebration it will be - stay tuned for my 'save the date' cards people!), when I realised that I was actually a year younger than I'd been saying I was. I mean really, Who does that??

Nevermind, it was nice to realise that I was actually a year younger than I'd thought I was. 'Cause I don't like this aging thing. I liked being young and crazy and full of energy (though, I still do have some crazy tendencies - more about that in the next post!)

However I say this, it will sound like whinging, so I'll just whinge. It's tough having a birthday in December. For one, there's the inevitable 'here's your birthday and Christmas present combined' deal, or the suspiciously light-on pressie because everyone's blown their money on Christmas presents. My parents were always pretty good about it (perhaps because my dad's birthday is three days before mine), but it did come from other quarters.
Then there's the 'I can't make your party, I have a Christmas party to go to' thing (hence the 'save the date cards mentioned earlier'. December babies are always competing with Christmas. Mind you, I guess I'm luck I'm not a Christmas Day baby.

So it was with fairly low expectations that I approached my birthday. I'd originally planend to have some drinks at our place, but other events (again, see future posts) meant that I decided to cancel. But I was OK with having a nice quiet day.

It started out well. As usual, I was up well before anyone else. No breakfast in bed for me, but that's OK, because only I can make my eggs the way I like them!

Oliver got up and was his usual gorgeous, charming self. Then Anthony. They gave me a big present and I actually said 'my god, you didn't give me Lego, did you?'. But yes folks, it was Lego. I quite like the Medieval Lego, so Anthony had gotten that for me. I must admit, I was a little disappointed, as Anthony hasn't always been the best present buyer; one year he bought me Guitar Hero for Wii, and he quite often dashes off the night before to buy something.

Then they brought out the Pandora bag. Now, at least a year ago I hinted that I'd like a Pandora bracelet. So when I saw the bag I got excited. Inside was a box, and when I opened it I found this:

Ha ha.

Of course then Anthony showed me the real thing. A lovely silver bracelet. But even better, he had bought a charm with my birthstone, as well as having the boy's names engraved on two silver spacers.

So thoughtful and lovely. But then, that's been Anthony of late...

I then went to work, did a little bit, then had a lovely Christmas lunch with my wonderful colleagues.

There were lots of lovely Facebook messages, which made me feel a bit special, a visit from the family, then a quiet night: a few drinks, a yummy laksa and a snuggle with my boys, and I was happy.

Maybe there is hope for birthdays after all...

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  1. Beautiful Day for a Beautiful lady! Glad you had a good time - you deserve it...


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