Thursday, December 6, 2012

First, an update

As you know, my life's not generally as exciting as that of the glitterati, but for a normal person, I've had some cool stuff going on this year. So first things first, a quick update. The year in pictures:

In March, I bought a new car:
Her name is Ruby Scarlet, and she's just lovely.
We were also due to go ballooning in March (on what would have been Sam's 16th birthday), but it was too wet. But we did go one foggy morning in April:

If you've never been in a hot air balloon, can I suggest you try it? It's a truly wonderful experience!

Of course, it wasn't all fun and shiny red cars, I did have to work. But, oh, that's right. I have a very cool job. We do some interesting things:
In April I also did my Sh'Bam instructor training. And then I went to Sydney and did Sh'Bam with 300 super-fit hotties!
And then in May, I went to Melbourne for a dear old friend's 40th. And I saw Prince. He was very cool.
Then we went to Sydney and walked across the bridge.
And swam  in a rooftop pool in the rain:
We bought some goats:

(They're gone now. They were a bit stinky! And they needed more room - and edible trees - than we could give them!)
We walked up some mountains:
And we played with Lego. In Sydney and in Canberra:
And most recently, in Milton:
(We'd lost Wally. But lots of people found him. I'll tell you about it sometime).
 And we welcomed a new member of the family:
Meet Rollo!
So yeah, all in all it was good. Good, yeah.
And before you ask, yes. I did have a nice year. And spent a lot of money. And was lucky enough to do some really cool things with my family. And that's what life (and this blog) is all about now.
I'm sure I'll get to tell you more soon. I hope you'll join me!


  1. Fantastic! Looks like you are really enjoying life!

  2. You look fabulous and how cute is Rollo? Glad you are back. Sue E.


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