Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So busy!

I know that's no excuse (even though I've used it before), but really, I've been flat out!
I've got this boss that just cracks the whip all day! He just works me sooooo hard. Honestly, it's so hard getting excited about going to work...

Nah, just kidding. That was for the benefit of Clint, in case he has decided to read my blog. Clint is my wonderful workmate (who at the moment is also acting as my boss). He's a lovely guy, very clever and supportive.

The other day, Clint was having a problem with his car. Another problem in a long line of problems he'd been having. I told him that he was probably due for some good stuff to happen, as good tended to follow bad.

He asked me if I was having my good times yet. Which is a good question considering the really bad thing that happened to me nearly a year ago, and considering the statement I had just made.

I told Clint that yes, my good times did seem to have arrived. Because I got to work with him. Yes, it was a little tongue-in-cheek,but there was an element of truth to it.
I love my job. I think I'm pretty good at it, and I really enjoy going to work very day. It doesn't hurt that the people I work with are also pretty awesome: Clint is (as I've mentioned) a very smart, supportive and funny guy; the only other person in our section (until three days ago) is also very supportive, and he will do anything to help out. Great people. Another person started on Friday, and she's pretty cool too. Nice and relaxed, which will make for a lovely place for even longer.

So yes, job-wise, the good times are here. Unfortunately it's not a permanent place, and I'll probably have to go back to a school next year (not sure how ready I am for that), but for now, life is good.

Things are pretty good at home too. The boys are both reasonably settled and happy...although Anthony's got some kind of issue with his back that's getting him down (and severely slowing down progress on the kitchen!) and Oliver's gotta have some minor surgery early next year which is a bit scary (a story for another day- this post is about good stuff!)

So yes, good times have followed bad. Is this pretty standard, or do we just notice the good things more when we have had bad experiences? Do we have to have bad experiences to appreciate the good? That doesn't seem fair, but I guess it's logical.

However, if I knew who was in charge of doling out the bad, I'd have a quiet word to them! I've always been pretty good at realizing how good I have things, I didn't need an extra lesson. I know there are people put there who are much worse off than I am. It doesn't make losing Sam any easier, but it's always been good to have that sense of perspective. It's where I get my horribly annoying optimism.

So, these are our good times. We've have enough bad for a while, thank you very much. So I'm just going to enjoy my good times.

Hopefully things are good for you too, dear readers. I'd love to hear about it.


  1. You, dear Mel, are very awesome yourself. As mentioned earlier today, I bask in your awesomeness. Okay, I know you said that about me but I think the same of you.... ;-)

    I really do hope some of the good times find you - you and your wonderful family deserve it.

    And thanks for keeping me sane when the car thing was happening - your wise comment very quickly showed me how minuscule my issues were...and the mini marsbar hit the spot just right!

    This blog is a wonderful tribute to Sam and you honour us by sharing his memory so beautifully.


  2. I think bad stuff can give you a new perspective on life and help you appreciate the good stuff. Maybe not all the time, I think we are all entitled to think why me sometimes. Having said that, sometimes when I am feeling bad, and start to think, well there are others worse off, part of me thinks it invalidates my feelings. I am not talking about minor stuff, but the heavy stuff.

    I remember watching Oprah once and there was a lady on it that was severely burnt and her face was disfigured, someone threw a rock threw off a bridge and it went through the window of the car she was driving and it crashed and ignited.

    As you can imagine she went through hell in hospital, but once she was home and able to get around her cousin suggested to her to allow herself 10 mins to cry, yell, scream, feel negative, whatever she needed to do, then when the 10 mins were up, she was back into life as best she could.

    I was so amazed that she had the strength to do this, but she said it kept her sane, knowing she had that personal time to get stuff out of her system, so it did not build up.

    I have probably gone a bit off topic, but the bottom line I think is to allow yourself 'shitty moments' but know that they won't always be there and that there will be some good in life, no matter how a mini mars bar lol!!!

    Love you guys heaps! Love Laura xoxoxo


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