Sunday, March 30, 2014

365 Grateful - Sundays

There's something special about Sunday. The pace is slower, everyone's relaxed, it's a good day to indulge in...well whatever makes you happy!

A little bit of my Sunday!
I go pretty hard Monday-Saturday, so I try hard to make Sunday a little slower. Sometimes I have to force myself, though today I didn't have that problem!
Sundays are slow breakfasts all together, often with one of Oli's friends (or one of ours) as a ring-in. I do pancakes or bacon and eggs, and we drink coffee and chat and read papers. 

Oli and I will often go on a Sunday bike ride, though we didn't today. Then he's usually occupied with friends or games or Lego (or we sometimes play board games). 

Now that I have someone doing some cleaning for me (best investment ever! I'm so grateful that I'm able to so that), I have more time on the weekends, so if I can't garden I'll do some work/study and a bit of a cook-up. I don't like sending Oli to school with packets of junk, so I make cookies and recess snacks like muesli bars or zucchini slice. I'll also do some meals for freezing and make up some salad jars for lunches (another thing I'm grateful for-great idea!).  
Salad jars! So handy!

So today was nice. I'm grateful for these kinds of Sundays, as I know I'm coming up for some crazy times at work!

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