Monday, March 31, 2014

12WBT 2 and 3

I missed the 12WBT blog challenges for the last couple of weeks, but I liked the topics, so thought I'd post.

First, an update. We've just hit week 4 of the 12WBT. It's a milestone week, and also a week where we check on our results and take stock of where we are. So where am I?
After four weeks on the program, I've lost 3.7 kilos, and 13.5cm (total) off my chest, waist and thighs. Compared to some of the folks on 12WBT and The Biggest Loser, that's probably not a lot, but I'm happy with it. It's taken a long time to put it all on, I'm prepared (most of the time) for it to take a while to come off.
But, since October when I got serious about this weightloss, I've lost  total of 20 kilos, 4 dress sizes and about 57cm (total) off my chest, waist and thighs. This sounds a little more impressive.
I'm also a lot fitter - I don't puff and pant when I'm going up the stairs any more. :)
To give you an idea, here are photos from October and today:

October 2011
March 2012
Week two: So this weeks challenge is to look at what are you actually TAKING up? What are you giving yourself? Are you learning something new? Taking up a new sport? Giving yourself a social life?
It's amazing how much your thinking changes as your body changes. You start to care more about other things: your hair, your skin, the way your clothes look.
So one of the first things that I've done for myself since losing a more than trifling amount of weight is to do these things. I've always looked after my hair pretty well, but I'm thinking more about different ways of styling it. I'm wearing a bit of makeup. I'm remembering more often to moisturise, and taking more care of my fingernails (biting them less!)
And I'm more careful with my wardrobe. Before it was just 'what hides my gigantic belly?'. Now it's 'would that look OK?'. Not that I'm quite ready for high fashion, but I've realised that baggy clothes don't really look that great, and I'm dressing for my size. I've pulled out a heap of clothes that I haven't worn since 2008 (the last time I was my current weight), and they look pretty good. Though I'm rapidly growing out of them (or shrinking!).

So that's the first thing I'm giving myself. Another thing that I'm giving myself is good eating fitness. And a commitment to developing it.
Apart from the last time I lost a lot of weight, I have only ever given fitness about 50% of my time/effort.
Yes, I've done my Sh'Bam classes for about a year, but for a long time, that was it. Now, I've added some gym sessions and regular walks.
My knees don't do well with running (an unfortunate legacy of carrying too much weight for too long), but I like walking up mountains. So I'm doing more of that.
And I'm eating much better. Despite my regular Sh'Bam for a good part of 2011, I wasn't really losing much weight for the first few months, as I was still eating too much crap. Or just too much.
I mean, I've always eaten healthy - I love vegies! - but I've also gone for chocolate, ice cream, cheese (etc) too much of the time too. Not so much any more. I'm not following the 12WBT menus to the letter, but I'm making healthy choices. And eating much less. It's amazing how little you do eat when you're concentrating on only eating when hungry.

And then there are the things I'm giving myself. And the challenges I've set for myself. Tomorrow, I'm picking up my new car. My little reward for the hard work I've done (both personally and professionally). It's a new Golf. I've never had a new car before, and while Delilah (my current car, called Delilah because the number plate starts with YYY) has been extremely reliable, she's 18 years old and too big for what I need.
I've also decided to do Sh'Bam instructor training (if I can come up with the money soon!). Not necessarily because I want to work as an instructor (but who knows, maybe I might!), but because it's a challenge I want to set for myself. Couch potato to super cool instructor!

So yes, I am taking up some new things. Lots of new things!

The week three question I've discussed before:
How will you acknowledge and reward yourself during Round 1, 2012 of the 12WBT? What are the small wins? What are your big accomplishments? How will you achieve these and how will you reward your efforts?

One of my big rewards has been my car, but I'm also looking at the Sh'Bam training as a reward too.
There will be little things along the way: some new clothes, nice experiences etc. Then once I've gotten where I want to go, I'd like to go away to one of those spa retreats: you know, good (healthy) food, exercise, massages in a nice, peaceful environment. Maybe that will be a 40th birthday treat!

So that's me in week 4. How are you doing?


  1. you go girl! I need to take a leaf out of your book. I've slipped very easily back into slothdome. big time.


  2. Hey Mel, Just wanted to say how fantastic you are looking. I really noticed it when we came by last Monday. As soon as I saw you, I was like 'wow' Mel you are doing so well!! The best thing about this, is that you are going to be healthier for it, so keep up the good work!!!

    Laura xoxo

  3. INSPIRATIONAL STUFF! In addition to looking STUNNING, your skin is glowing, and you seem incredibly happy and resilient.
    We're uber-proud of you Mel! xox


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