Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good-Yeah 2.0

In my last post, I talked about wanting to keep blogging. But what on Earth should I write about? 

I looked around the web a bit, and there seem to be a few general reasons that people blog:
  • To share their thoughts and opinions
  • To sell a product
  • To help people or make a difference
  • To share a talent or creative flair
I'm not especially creative and I don't think that I'm in it for the money, but I must say that the longtime idealist in me would love to 'make a difference'. But if I'm honest, I got the most satisfaction from sharing my personal journey. As I mentioned previously, this blog was a very effective and important part of processing my grief, but it reached a natural end. I admit that there's probably something odd about wanting to share your thoughts and feelings in a public forum, but I did get a lot out of it.

Apart from that, blogging is a good way for me to regularly practise writing. 

Despite all that, there still wasn't really a clear direction for me and the blog. But the answer came from the title. Good-Yeah. 

Because I made a promise to myself after we lost Sam that I would live better. I would be more healthy, use my time better, make positive changes to my life. I'm still doing that every day. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But some of it is interesting, and some of it would be helpful for other people too. Plus, people are always telling me that the stuff I find on the web (and currently share on Facebook) is really interesting, so I'd like to share some of that here too. As well as interesting stuff happening in my beautiful home town of Canberra.

So I'm going to write about lots of things! But especially, all the things I do to create my 'Good-Yeah' life. 

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