Wednesday, July 22, 2015


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” - Robert Byrne

One of the things that many people do is live a life of purpose. Feeling like what you do means something can be very empowering. 

For a few years now, I've taken a great deal of satisfaction from doing things that give me a sense of purpose. Sometimes I wonder if it's a stage that I've gotten to. I also wonder if it's a stage that everyone gets to. Does everyone get to the point where they get more joy and fulfilment out of doing things that mean something than doing things for money or instant gratification? Do some people do it from their childhood? Do some people never get to that stage? 

It's not that I've always been selfish and now I'm not. I've always enjoyed things like buying presents for people or feeding people. But now, it's a deeper drive. In fact, I'm at the point where I wish I could work in my paid employment less so that I can spend more time doing volunteer stuff. 

It all started when our family first started getting seriously into LEGO. We attended the first Brick Expo in 2010 and by 2012 we were entering our own models in the exhibition. And then I started helping out. Now I'm on the organising committee. Yes, we love LEGO, but the thing I love about it the most is that we're supporting a charity. I get such a buzz out of watching the kids (and adults) enjoy the exhibits, but also handing over our donation each year. 

Me and one of the 501st Legion at Brick Expo. They do great stuff with purpose too!
If I could do more I would. And I probably will one day, when financial pressures ease off a little. It's funny, I find myself looking forward to retirement not so that I can sit around, but so that I can do more. 

I don't know if it adds to my resilience, but surely the feeling of well-being that I get out of this must contribute to my overall mental health. 

What do you do that makes you feel good? What gives you a sense of purpose?

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