Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Dickhead Mentality

I just got yelled at by a passing car.

It's not that I'm upset. In these enlightened times; these days of cyber-bullying and far more sophisticated forms of harassment, I was surprised to hear it.

While I was walking along the footpath not far from my home, a couple of (no doubt) gorgeous hunks of manhood with (probably) genius IQs thought it would be funny to yell "fat whore" at me as they drove past.

Now I admit, I am dressed in shorts that are about 4 sizes too big, an old ratty t shirt and thongs, but it is Saturday morning - I'm in my cleaning clothes! I'll also admit that I'm fat, but a whore? I've never sold my body for money, and it's unlikely that I ever will.

It's not that it upsets me or hurts my feelings, it's more that I thought we'd moved on from that kind of yobbo behaviour. I've obviously led a sheltered life for a long time.

I've never understood it. While I admit that I have self-esteem issues, I've never understood this behaviour. My mental well-being and self-worth is not going to depend on what two passing idiots think of my appearance.

So perhaps they get something out of it? Are they the kind of people who can only feel good if they (think that they do) make other people feel bad? Are they so miserable and unloved that they have to project it onto everyone else?

My response? I gave them the finger. I, too, can be a dickhead.


  1. fucken dickheads. some men are such knob jockeys.

    I love it when dudes do that, its fun to outsmart them... mind you, in a passing car that's a bit hard.

    I always remember this saying... "I maybe fat, but you're ugly/idiot/a dumbshit, and I can diet!"

  2. Mel's Dad/Sam's GrandadOctober 9, 2010 at 8:25 PM

    Go you gorgeous girl, they were probably supreme wankers anyway, and went home and compared their tiny dicks!!!
    Love you, Dad

  3. wankers!! i,d have given them the finger too! and for what it's worth....i too am in my most daggy but comfy clothes today (i could call them cleaning clothes but that would mean i had to have cleaned??!!


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