Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Human Condition

3 reasons why I'll never understand us humans.

We drive around and around to find the park closest to our destination.
Most of the time, we drive around for longer than it would have taken to park further away and walk. Of course I understand that some people need to park near the entrance, but they're not usually the ones I see circling the carpark!
One place where I understand this behaviour the least is the gym. Each Thursday night I go to a 6:30 class. At that time of night the gym is really busy, so I usually park in a distant carpark. What always cracks me up is the people that drive round and around looking for a park next to the entrance. You're going to the gym people! Surely an extra 100m of walking wouldn't hurt??

We drop everything to go to a funeral, but not to other more happy occasions.
Not that I didn't appreciate it when everyone came to Sam's funeral. But this one has always puzzled me. If someone dies, especially unexpectedly, we do all we can to get to the funeral, but we rarely visit those people 'just for fun' or for birthdays, Christmas etc.
I'm guilty of it too, I admit, and I know it's a time/financial thing, but something my mother-in-law said to me years ago has always stuck with me: "You'd go to their funeral, so go now when you can enjoy them".

We worship beauty and physical talent, not intelligence.
I don't think I need to elaborate. But look at the salaries of elite sportspeople and actors...
And, I always loved this ad:

What things do we do that make you ponder?


  1. Hi Mel,
    I just thought I would let you know how much I love your posts. They make me laugh, they make me cry, but most of all they make me think. I read your posts reguarly and enjoy them whilst I am reading them (sometimes they make me a little sad for many reasons, but I still enjoy them) and so often they come back to me in the day to day rollercoaster of life. Again, you give me the opportunity to laugh, cry and think more carefully about things! So thank you!
    You and your family often in my thoughts and I wish you all the very best. Jenelle :-)

  2. Isn't the Dove commercial something? I really like their advertising spots and videos they are putting out.

    Love your point about people who want the closest parking spot at the gym. I've been guilty of that myself!

    I made you a blog button and put it up on Wanderlust. xx


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