Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let your smile be your umbrella!

I was having a bit of a whinge today about some people that have been getting me down lately. I know, I know, hard to imagine me having a whinge about something, huh??
So Paul, my boss, told me that I should write about it.

It's not a bad idea really, because writing about things does seem to help. It must be that the act of putting them down on paper blogper gets them out if my head.

Anyway, aside from the lying and the broken promises mentioned previously, there are two other...let's call personality traits, that get to me.

The first one is negativity. At the moment, in my job, I am facing a bit of it. Not because I suck at my job (I'm hoping!) but because things aren't working the way people want them to, and as the public face for some of these things, I cop a lot of their opinions.
The trouble is, when people are constantly negative around me, it really brings me down. Because I'm a naturally positive person (or at least I was once!), it can be hard to be around people that can't find the good in anything.

Those of you that know me might wonder that if this is the case, why I am with Anthony? He is a fairly pessimistic old soul, and he certainly projects a serious gruff image to the world, but I can (mostly) deal with his brand of negativity. Sometimes it can be a good balance Tony over-the-top-ness!

And let's face it, he (and I) both have some cause to be negative. In fact, that's one of the things that gets to me when people are being negative. Sometimes I just feel like telling them how good they've got it, that they can't even begin to imagine what horrible feels like...

It's more of a problem when there is more than one person carrying on. It's contagious! Before I know it, I'm going along for the ride! It takes all my strength to pull myself out of it.

The other thing that gets to me is people that are constantly singing their own praises. I truly believe in giving credit where credit's due, and sometimes these people are very clever or talented, but by god I get sick of hearing about it! Especially when I know that there are 5 other people who are just as clever, that are just getting on with it. Of course they don't get the recognition or the accolades (what's that saying- the squeaky wheel gets the most grease?), but that doesn't mean they're not as good. Or better.

I could go on I suppose, but that's really all I wanted to say. I guess I'm being negative myself, but it's nice to get it off my chest.

And here's my challenge to you. Pick someone, at your work, or in your street or somewhere, and either do something positive for them (bake them a cake, smile at them, wash up their coffee cup). Or give someone some recognition. Tell the boss about something good they did, or write them a thank you note. Then please, tell me (and my readers) about it. Let's spread some happy vibes around, see if we can't turn those frowns upside down!! (that one's for you Paul!)


  1. One of my friends and fellow soccer player is having a knee operation on Friday. She is such a fantastic player, and I know she is pretty independent. But I told her I am going to cook some food for her so she does not have to worry about cooking dinner for a few days at least (beasts cup a soups and microwave stuff). So I will be taking over some soup, risotto and vegie curry. Hopefully it's a start, and helps her out a bit.

    Shortly after Sam died, I wanted to scream at people when they said they were having a bad day. But I didn't, cos I know that we are all entitled to feel bad at some point. But when some ppl go on and on bitching and moaning when it's not really that bad, that is what fires me up. One day I will probably snap, I know I don't suffer fools or take crap as much as I used to.

    I mean, if someone like yourself who has been through hell, can somehow find some positives in life, well, then everyone else can too!!!

    Love Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! That was exactly what I was looking for!

  3. i am seriously beginning to think that you have spy cameras in my house and at work or even more scarily in my brain... freaky.

    I am so over the bullshit at my end too. we (work peeps) are all stressed, we are all nearing the end of term and are over it. Am i complaining? no. i am just getting on with it and sucking it up. quit your bitchin', get on with your job so that I dont have to keep picking up your slack and get on with it!!!!!!!


    cannot even tell you about it all. its boring and it makes me cranky, so i am drinking beer and forgetting about it. :)) feel free to join me in the drinking of beer.

    i try to be positive... but sometimes it is near impossible!

  4. Well buddy, I have a box of chocolates for you for all the wonderful help you provided to save my bacon the other day! Let me know when we can make the exchange.

    You are the best.

    Oh, and its not lies! I really am hoping January. I heard them discussing it today (using my ninja skills to blend into the glass wall).


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