Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Gym People

Exercising Female Athlet In Gym-Dress
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Most of us are members of a gym, aren't we?
Have you ever watched the people around you? It's fascinating to watch all the different people that turn out to buff and polish.

The Kids
They're teetering on adulthood. The boys are skinny and the girls are too. They are half-hearted but frequent visitors. They wear their school shirts and never take off their earphones. Their phone is always close by.

The Oldies
There are two kinds of oldies - the beautifully presented oldies who have been doing this all their lives: They're fit and can keep up with almost everyone else in the gym. They are either solo or with their other, but they don't socialise.
Then there are the 'new gymmers'. They started when they were older. They know all the instructors by name and love a joke. They do well in the gym, but balance it with a life of fun, good food and wine!

The Couple
They work out together. She holds his bottle, he picks up her towel. They check up on each other several times. Their towels/shoes/shirts match.

The Dutiful
They're there because they've gotta maintain their look. They wear the latest gym wear and they look good, but only because they go to the gym every day. They do their 30 minutes and then they're gone. They leave the class before the cool down.

The Twins
They are both good looking, but one is always a little bit more attractive than the other. They usually spend thirty minutes on the treadmill talking to each other, occasionally breaking into catty arguments. They set up each other's gear and wear matching wrist guards.

The Trainers
They're training for something. They are there every day, sometimes with their coach. They push themselves hard. They sweat and grunt and they are focused. They wear clothes that tell a story - the marathon they ran in, their team colours.

These are the big boys. They wear singlets so you can see how big their muscles are. And they are BIG! Their arms are as big as a grown woman's thighs. They grunt a lot and talk up their 'reps'. They're very polite but don't like to wait for a machine. They like to watch the twins walk.

The Hardcores
They have the latest gear and their sneakers are pristine. Like they've only just bought them, or like they have a pair for every day of the week.  They never grunt or sweat or even seem to exert themselves. They run for an hour with nary a hair out of place. They never, ever look at anyone, especially if it's a fat chick in an oversized t-shirt.

The Fatties
They are keen, I'll give them that. They put all their effort into whatever it is they're doing, but they find it hard to sustain long term. They wear big, baggy t-shirts in the hope that it will hide their lumps and bumps. They pick the spot in the room where there are no mirrors. They sweat, their hair gets messy, and occasionally when they're bending over to pick up the weights, a little fart pops out...but that's OK, no one can hear them!

Have I forgotten anyone? Who do you see when you go? Which one are you?


  1. I'm definately the one with the little fart popping out!! Love it Mel

  2. I wish I was one of the twins but I'm not! Definitely a fattie but I keep on trying. Maybe one day........Sue E.


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