Thursday, June 2, 2011


I think it was around this time last year that things took a slide for me. I wonder if it's the cold weather. Getting up when it's dark, coming home from work when it's seems harder to get anything done and everyone's tired and cranky.
Winter is so demotivating. And it doesn't help that it's been freezing cold for the last month too.

I've had some real cranky moments lately. Some of the people I know have been doing really stupid/annoying/crazy/selfish things, and that, combined with my high levels of busyness and stress, have made me a very grumpy, and sometimes sad person.

There have been some nice moments - the award nomination was nice (I didn't win, but -as they say - "It was nice just to be nominated"), and I found out that my job's been extended until next January, and I had a nice evening at Goodberry's with the boys, Laura and Jocelyn last weekend.

So that stuff keeps me going. but god - It's times like these I really do wish I lived somewhere warmer. Like Queensland, or even Newcastle!

I'm also having a massive block (as you've probably noticed). I think that this blog has really served me well over the last 18 months, but I'm having trouble thinking of things to write about Sam. As I said, I have to dig stuff out. And when I do I'll have some new topics, but until I get a moment to do that, I'm stuck.

I also need a new direction for my blog. I do like writing, but I've gotta think of what I'm going to write about now. Oliver and family stuff? Daily observations? My weight loss journey? Current affairs commentary? Creative Writing?

Hmmmmmm.....I'll get back to you. Soon, I promise!


  1. All of the above!! Especially daily observations :)

    This is the time of year I start craving a creative project. Maybe it's a restless time, moving into winter? But yeah, I do feel like I need an injection of inspiration to energise me or something.

  2. I was inspired today when The Living End released their new single. New single means new album which means CONCERTS! Now all I have to do is lose some weight, save some money and find that fountain of youth..........easy peasy! Sue E.

  3. I saw something today that made me think of you and this post (my work takes me to really odd places sometimes) but you could take a look at Project 365. The idea is; basically (and there are several variations on this) take one photo a day - everyday - post them either everyday or once a week, and see what comes from that.

    Seemed an interesting concept to me but with your interest in photography it is right up your alley. A project to get your creative juices flowing might be what you need at the moment..


  4. Thanks everyone! I've seen the project 365 thing, I think I might give it a go. I haven't got my camera out for ages!
    Oh, and Sue, we're looking forward to The Living End touring. The new single is very interesting! I might even see you there!

  5. Damn it, I just wrote up a big response and lost it. Anyways the gist of it was:
    - Theme? Who needs a theme? I get a lot out of the posts where you write about how you have nothing you feel like writing about.
    - Just because you might put less words about your Sam in the blog doesn't mean you think about him any less than before. We know that, and it's ok.
    - The cold and dark are doing my head in too. Glad to see you are having some nice moments, as I am... I was soOOoooOOOooo excited when I noticed your award nomination on FB and forgot to comment on your blog at the time. Great work!!!
    - A few posts back I read how you were uncomfortable when someone said you were 'inspirational'. It's funny because that is how I have always thought of you. It can't be easy to see/read/hear that, especially if you aren't 'in a fabulous place' at the moment, but that is why I think it is true. You acknowledge the things that get you down... sometimes it might take 'longer' or be 'harder' to 'move on' (for lack of better words), but you get back up and find the good times or go looking for them (Sh'bam anyone?). I try hard, but definitely take a long time to 'get up' at times and dwell on things that are not worth dwelling on... or I run. When life throws me roses I am sick of smelling manure, so I am doing my darnedest to smell those damn roses! (Thanks!)
    - Queensland or Newcastle sound good, so does Project 365... hmm....
    Jo D


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