Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Office Space

Here are 10 things that I notice about working in an office (how many are familiar to you?)

1. The inability to change a toilet roll is not exclusive to the men in my household (and what's with putting the new roll on top of the empty one? Replace the roll, dammit!)

2. The dishwasher always needs emptying when you're the only one left in the office.

3. The personal touches. I love how for some people it's their kids, others their dog, sometimes it's a vacation snap or a funny little calendar. It's nice to bring a little of yourself to work.

4. Sound travels. All kinds of sounds. That's all I'm sayin'.

5. The phone will ring and ring and ring...until the moment you pick it up.

6. Some people appear to do nothing much except walk around all day.

7. The weather outside is always a bit of a surprise.

8. It would be very easy to get fat(ter) in an office. Morning teas, afternoon teas, lunches, farewells, celebrations, etc...

9. Air conditioning dries you out.

10. Each decision requires a meeting. Then another meeting to talk about that meeting. Then, more meetings, and finally, a meeting to discuss why you haven't progressed from the first meeting...

**I would like to categorically state that the content in this post is in no way a reflection of my current worksite (well, except a couple...), which is full of wonderful people. Rather, these observations have come from a combination of my building, visits to other workplaces and anecdotal statements from friends and family.


  1. I also love personalizing my office space with pictures of friends and my family. This serves as a stress reliever for me.
    About the meeting, I think one important factor for that is the meeting space. Aside from comfort, it must also have a professional ambiance for all the members to communicate well.

  2. Personal touches in an office space are, I think, important. A picture of your family beside your computer can be a motivating factor for you to work hard. And a simple drawing of your kids pinned on your wall can relieve stress for a moment. #Deana Varney


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