Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Travel Diet

You don't realize just how little there is in the way of healthy travel food options until you undertake a journey. The greasy spoon by the side of the freeway is not a happy place for carb-conscious dieters, that's for sure!

For me, holidays are always good activity-wise, as I (we) tend to do lots of walking and other fun stuff like bike riding, rowing boats and swimming.
But the food is a problem. In the past, when I've been on holidays I've used it as an excuse to eat a heap of 'relaxed' food- whether it's my aunt's amazing cooking when in Melbourne, lots of restaurant meals, extra cheese & bikkies or chips, or the ubiquitous lolly snakes for 'in the car'.

Well, because I've been doing quite well over the last couple of weeks (2 kilos down, but more importantly feeling healthy and in control), I wasn't going to let myself go crazy with the snacks.
And I did quite well on the way down, sticking to fruit and nuts and completely avoiding the chips and lollies.
The stops were a little harder, but I found it was ok if I thought about it- chicken salad wraps seem to be available in many places, and I could even get some yoghurt at McDonalds. Not the best options, but definitely better than what I would have had before.

It's nearly impossible for me to be completely carb free during these stops, but I'd been easing off on that a bit anyway. It's not so bad- Today at Coolangatta I had a lovely dish of chilli prawns with Fettucine and it filled me up for hours (and it was delicious!)

I think if you're organized, and willing to have the same thing more than once, you could do ok. Of course there will be moments when I will give in and go with the flow, but at the moment I'm confident I'll manage that. I'll let you know how I go.

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  1. i'm hearing ya. we're off tomorrow and I am going 'sans jenny'. my consultant was dead set against it, but i just cant microwave my food while camping!!!

    4.7kgs down and I dont want to blow it, so its all about portions and exercise and not succumbing to the "ah stuff it, i'm on holidays" mentality.


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