Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sepia Tones

Isn't it amazing that when you add sepia tones to a photo, it changes it completely? But not in a bad way.

Blog This issued a photographic challenge this week:

Share your favourite sepia photo with the world.
Your photo can be of anything, just keep in sepia tones!

Now, with 27000 (literally!) photos on my hard drive, I'm going to be pretty hard pressed to find just one favourite photo. And once I started playing with the photos I have already, I knew that it would be impossible.

The one above is absolutely suited to sepia I think - it gives it a very eerie feel!

Here are some others that I liked as well:
This is a sculpture in the Melbourne CBD.
Animals in sepia tones lend a very old-fashioned feel to a photo.

Skin tones in sepia are wonderful too!
 My boys just look beautiful.


  1. wow Awesome photos, the first one is fantastic! :)

  2. These photos are so special.Sepia gives a beautiful antique almost timeless quality doesn't it? So glad I found your blog x

  3. Great photos. The first one is awesome, the sepia definitely does give it an eerie feel.

  4. Honest to God, my mouth fell open when I saw your photo.
    But then I saw you're also the mum of a Lost Boy and so now I'm going back through your archives.
    I'm so sorry Sam is gone.

  5. Sepia really does add another dimension to photos.


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