Friday, January 7, 2011


Still here, survived my first week back at work, but only just!
My body is saying "you've got another 4 weeks off dude!", so by 10am each morning, I've been yawning and by 2pm I'm ready for my nap!

Apart from that it's OK. The office is nice and quiet, and I don't get so many phone calls or emails, so it's actually a good time to get some work done.

It's been a weird up-and-down week, in which there have been a couple of warm days when I've come home to a nice swim in the backyard (more about that later); I've been a little more motivated with exercise; and I've been blamed for events I didn't really have much to do with, all via text message mind you. Now I'm a talker, and I don't have much time for people that tell me their problems (with me) via text message. So I'm just ignoring that big ol' dumb situation.

Apart from that though. Not too bad a start to 2011. With much more goodness to come, including a lovely trip to the beach with my two best boys (burglars beware, the house will be occupied!)

I've also been tentatively taking photos again. After the hassles I had with the camera, and the run of average photos I had been taking, I lost a fair bit of confidence. But I've picked it up again lately, and will hopefully have a few photos to show you. I'm even thinking of entering a couple in a 'summer photo' competiton being run by our local newspaper.

Come to think of it, you could be my critical eye! The following are a couple I took of the gigantic sunflowers in our backyard (I'll tell you more about my amazing monster garden later!). Which do you think is better? Is there any editing I could do to improve them (cropping, light etc)? I'd love some feedback! Most of the photos entered so far have been beachy/pooly type ones, so I'd love to enter something different.


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