Friday, March 18, 2011


I won!!!

The other day, I posted about the new album by Foo Fighters, and Sue, one of my wonderful readers, told me about a competition that Channel V was holding.

Well I spent a day coming up with an entry, which included a poetic ditty and this fairly dumb YouTube video, of course getting to the end of the day thinking about how I'd wasted the day.

Well, turns out the day wasn't wasted, 'cause I won some tickets!

I'm very excited and happy. It was a great day anyway (the student summit was today, I'll tell you about it later), and this totally topped it off!

So Anthony and I are going to drive up to Sydney next Thursday, get whisked off on a boat to some secret location, and treated to a cool show with a heap of serious Foo fans and lots of new songs. Yay!

(and thanks Sue, for the tip!)


  1. LOL that video was really great! Nice work! Enjoy the show :)

  2. Woo hoo! How exciting - next step is to get backstage hmmmmm. Don't forget your camera! You know, it's not 'stalking' if you love them...... Sue E.

  3. man, I never won any powderfinger comps, you are one up on me! have a blast, and remember, you will probably never get any closer than you will be on thursday, so strike while the iron is hot!!!!! i expect meeting and greeting stories!


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