Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new addition...

I can hear my dad groaning all the way from Scotland...

OK, I admit it, it was a bribe. But I had to do it!

Oliver has been relentless on his quest for a baby brother or sister. I must admit for a while he had me convinced. I would very much have liked another baby. There are lots of reasons (including my insane cluckiness, and other darker, sadder reasons that I won't go into), but I was most worried about Oliver not having a brother or sister to bounce things off as he got older. I love having Anthony's brothers around - we have the occasional beer-fueled fun afternoon, go to concerts together and generally do lovely family-type things. I was (still am) concerned that Oliver will miss out on that.

But then I figured that he'd probably marry some girl (or boy) with 5 brothers and sisters to make up for it. Or something like that. Here's hoping.

And I thought about all the reasons I shouldn't have a kid: I'm 37, terribly overweight, getting settled in a new (and ever upward, I hope) career, fairly financially stable, and enjoying the no-nappies-or-crying-but-a-full-night's-sleep-yay! years.

We talked to Oli. We told him all the reasons that a new baby might be a problem. We suggested maybe an animal might be better. After all, we've got a few around here anyway (have I told you about our two dogs, one cat, one duck, 5 chickens and 100 parrots?); what's one more?

So on Sunday, we went and bought a baby rabbit. His name is Roger. Isn't he cute?
Oliver has been a great 'dad': feeding, changing the water, vacuuming the scattered wood shavings, even picking up poop with his bare hands! I know it's early days, but all the signs are good!

So yes dad, it's another animal. But consider the alternative...


  1. I've been suffering from severe cluckiness for two years and have to keep talking myself out of having another baby (I'm 40 this year)! I think your new addition is just gorgeous!

  2. Your bunny is very cute, looking forward to meeting Roger. Laura

  3. Everytime I see that pic I giggle.. so cute!!

    The last two years I have recieved a cat for my birthday... but due to the 'crazy cat lady' rule (no more than one cat per person in the household hehe) no more cats are allowed. My yard isn't ready for my chookies yet and we're not up for kids yet ..... maybe a bunny is a good idea... ;-)

  4. Yeah Jo, go for it! Very cute, very quiet, and pretty smart too!


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