Friday, April 15, 2011

One down...

I've just submitted one assignment, with the other one due on Monday. I'm in for a long weekend I'm afraid, as I have dithered and dithered about this one (it's a research analysis, and I haven't been able to settle on two pieces of research that I want to use!).

Never mind, I'm sure it will get done. I've made a deal with Oliver that if he lets me sit in my office all weekend, I'll do lots of things with him in the holidays. While I don't have a whole two weeks off like my teacher buddies, I've managed to get 12 days off with only 5 days of leave. Gotta love Easter for that reason! We're not going anywhere, so lots and lots of movies, board games, swimming and crafty stuff are on the cards!

OK, I've had my break, back to the grind. I will hopefully be back with more when I need a little procrastination time!

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