Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loooooong Weekend

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it. And it's not like I've been busy being enormously productive or anything. It's just that I was struck down by Long Weekend-itis.

And this long weekend has been an ultra long one; with Easter and an extra day to make up for ANZAC Day being on Easter Monday. If I was still teaching in a classroom I'd be pissed, as it's slap-bang in the middle of the school holidays (Easter is usually one of the nice little breaks during term time). But I'm not, and it's been great. Because of the 5 day weekend, I thought I'd take some leave either side, so I ended up with 12 days off and only had to take 5 days leave.

Most of Canberra has taken off down to the coast. I thought about it, but decided it would be nice to just hang at home. And it has been. Easter was fairly low key, as usual (last year we did a little family thing). We had one of Oli's friends sleep over on the Friday, hung out at home on the Saturday and I hid lots and lots of eggs around the house for Sunday. Some of which are still hidden! :)
We had the family (Anthony's) around for drinks in the afternoon, which was nice (it always is), and Oliver was very generous with his eggs.
Then yesterday, we went and saw Thor, which I really enjoyed. One of my favourite 'comic book' movies so far.

So it's been nice. And I think I know why. For once, when I had some time off, I didn't make a huge list of things I had to do. Because every time I do that, I come out of the time having only done 1/3 to 1/2 of it, and I get stressed and upset that I didn't do it.

This time, I had a vague idea of a couple of things that I wanted to do, but went into my time off thinking: relax, spend time with Oli, and maybe do a couple of things. So far, so good! I've done a bit of relaxing (reading, watching a couple of movies), I've spent time with Oli (walks, movies, board games, lego), and I've even managed to clean out my wardrobe and do some gardening. And I've still got 5 days until I go back to work! Yay!


  1. Buddy, if you have so much spare time - my desk is still in need of good tidy!

    Hope you guys had a great Easter.

  2. Oh, you should see my desk! (but it's not on my list!)

  3. You forgot to mention the naps!!!! Laura


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