Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter? Nah...

Can you believe Easter is here already?

Not that I'm all that big on Easter. I've never been all that interested (except when I was a kid and chocolate was EVERYTHING!)
In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that I bowed to popular opinion and refused to risk having my kids ostracised at school for not believing in Santa/Easter Bunny, I would not celebrate either 'holiday'.

As it is, both are fairly low-key/non-traditional around here.
I go for a minimalist approach at Easter; occasionally hiding eggs, but that's about it.
Our Christmas tree is a grass tree dragged in off the deck (which strangely enough died this year, not long after Christmas), and we try to place more of an emphasis on people, not stuff. This does not always work, as one of my favourite things is giving people gifts, and I love to see the look on my kid's faces when I spoil them (but hey, I don't think Christmas is the only time I do that!)

I've never really got Easter. I know the story of resurrection etc, but I'm not really sure where chocolate and big white bunnies comes into it. As an atheist, I always feel a little uncomfortable celebrating Christmas; as it seems a little hypocritical. But Easter doesn't even seem to be celebrated as a religious holiday - more of a commercialised/obesity promoting day...

So, unlike Sam's birthday, and Mother's Day (coming up), Easter doesn't pull too many heartstrings for me. I'm sad of course (that never goes away), and enjoyed using him as an accomplice in the hiding eggs game, but it's not one of those 'holidays' that I anticipate for weeks ahead.

Having said that, tomorrow I am going to (try to) make some yummy home-made hot cross buns, and I think that will be the thing that gets me.
1, because Samuel loved hot cross buns, and
2, because Samuel was becoming a great cook. And I think this is something we would have done together.
We'll see how it goes.

Also tomorrow we're going to meet up with some family/friends, and have a egg hunt and fish dinner. (No, I don't normally stick to fish on Good Friday as a rule, we're just doing it because it's a good excuse to have a get together with people we love).
Samuel would have enjoyed that too. Despite being a teenager, he always enjoyed time with the family. We all miss him.


  1. I said to Mum this morning (joking), that we shouldn't be having hot X buns, as we don't do religious things. Trouble is, it's another thing you grow up with, and we always had them on the Friday, and the chocolate thing on the Sunday.
    Do you remember me writing little cryptic poems, which you and Jezz had to work out, and if you did, you found an easter egg? I enjoyed that because we all got so much fun out of it, but it had nothing to do with any religious stuff.
    Sam also liked Granny's blueberry muffins, and it's still good that Ollie does too.

  2. Yeah, I remember the poems, they were great! I think I have done that at least once for sam, and probably will for oli.

    My hot cross buns turned out quite well. Not as fluffy as I would have liked, I think I got the yeast part wrong. But they were yummy'

  3. Hey Mel,

    Glad you guys are coming tonight, I wanted to do something that was mainly about having family around. And like you said, Samuel loved family gatherings so in one way it makes me sad and in another it makes me happy because it reminds us all how important family is. Iactually remember doing an egg hunt at Lorraines and Samuel and Christopher loved hunting for the eggs, it is a lovely memory.

    Laura xoxoxo


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