Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six x2

I missed last Saturday as I was in Melbourne and very very busy, so I thought I'd post two of each this week.
I'm really enjoying posting photos. It means I have some of my favourite photos stored online (I also have my Flickr account, which I am slowly filling with photo-ey goodness), which is always a good idead when you have so many photos on a computer, and no negatives. It also gives me an excuse to look through all my old photos and pick out the ones I love (which means I also get to discover photos I haven't noticed/seen in a while).

A great photo of Sam
Sam would have been about 9 months old when my dad took this photo/ I love it.
Samuel and I at the snow (Mt Franklin) last year. Anthony (obviously) took this one.

A great photo of Oliver
How cute is he?

My beautiful boy on the big tree (some kind of fig?) at Melbourne Zoo.

An old photo
Our back deck when it was first built in 2004. Soon I'll post some pictures of what it (And our back yard) is looking like now.

This is Anthony and I at my 21st, about 100 years ago (actually, 1994).

An Interesting Photo
Sunset at Frankston.

Another from Melbourne. Obviously at the zoo.

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:
Last week's challenge was 'Abstract'.

This week's challenge is 'Tell a Story'. I think this one tells a story about Oliver! (Don't worry, the train wasn't actually moving, but I do like how you have to look twice to work that out).

Morguefile Lesson Photos
This week, I started a 'Morguefile' course. It's a strange name, but it's basically on online course designed to help you improve your skills in photography. You can view all the photos I take for the course on my Flickr, but here are the first two assignments:

Lesson 1: Composition
The first assignment was to take an abstract photograph, with the aim of developing understanding of concepts like leading lines, rule of thirds etc. Taking abstract photos really forces you to concentrate on the composition. The one above (the blue and yellow one) was another one that I took. The rest are in my Flickr album.

Lesson 2: Composition
The second assignment was to take a lot of pictures of the same subject: close-up, long range, from the top, from underneath, from different angles and of different parts, then put the best ones together in a storyboard. I created the storyboard using Picasa. I'm very happy with it.

The best part of the Morgufile group is that we post our pictures on a group pool and everyone makes comments about each other's. It's a great way to learn, and I can see improvements in my pictures already.


  1. Hey Mel, you really have an eye for photography, a definite talent!! Keep up the good work and keep enjoying and exploring this never know where it may take you!
    Love Laura

  2. Thanks Laura! Nice to have the feedback!

  3. Great picture of you and Samuel at the snow. One to treasure. Will call over soon to write something on the wall.

    With best wishes.

  4. I love photos! You my dear are getting me keen to crack out my camera for fun again. :-) The course looks interesting!


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