Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot Cross Buns Recipe

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I got the recipe from Thursday's Canberra Times. They have a liftout 'Food' section, and it had a big article on hot cross buns. Apparently this recipe came from the Flute Bakery in Fyshwick.

Mine were OK, but I think I got the yeast wrong (not enough) and they didn't quite rise enough. I would have also preferred that they were a bit 'fluffier', but it could have been that I used plain flour instead of baker's flour, or that I did too much mixing.
But they tasted great. And there was LOTS of fruit in them which I love. I hate those wollies ones that have three sultanas and that's it.
Straight out of the oven with a little bit of butter. YUM!

Flute Hot Cross Buns - Mel's Version

800g baker's flour - I used 6.5 cups
(I've got a little book called "The Essential Kitchen Companion" that gives me cup/gram conversions)
100g caster sugar - I used a heaped 1/3 cup
16g salt (3 teaspoons)
16g dried yeast (I read this wrong - it was midnight) and only put one sachet
240ml water (almost a cup)
200ml egg - I used 3 large eggs
4g mixed spice (1 tsp)
300g softened butter
6ml orange oil or fine zest of an orange (I used zest)
200g sultanas
200g currants

Mix the flour, sugar, salt, yeast, spice, water and egg well. Add butter in stages until well incorporated. Add fruit and mix well. Cover dough and leave in bowl 30 mins until it starts to rise. Divide into 70g pieces (small balls). Leave to prove until they are the size you want (mine didn't rise much).
Brush with warm milk (mixed with a little sugar) and put on a cross (below) if you like. Bake 175C for about 18-20 minutes. I brushed the milk on them again when they came out and sprinkled a little bit of cinnamon and sugar over them.

The Cross:
I mixed up a paste of flour, water, a little butter and a little sugar (my paste was a little runny). I put it in a snaplock bag and cut the corner off, then put crosses on some. On the others I just cut a cross with a sharp knife.

Here they are:

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