Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Five

(On Saturday)

Once again I'm a day late, and it's the EB challenge that's held me up again!

Here they are:
A great photo of Sam
I think this was one of the last times he dressed up for book week at school. Samuel really didn't like drawing attention to himself at all! (I think he looks very cute as a pirate!)

A great photo of Oliver
This was taken when Oliver was 20 minutes old. So calm an alert (that didn't last long - the calmness that is!)

An old photo
In Merimbula in 2004. I love the look on Sam's face. I think this is one of the events that got Anthony interested in birds again.

An interesting photo (from any time)
This is one Anthony took in 2008. I think there may have been some bushfires somewhere or something. I love the light and the colour in the clouds.

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:
The challenge this week was 'black and white'. I had a lot of trouble with this one. I had two alternates too, couldn't decide:

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