Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Block

I know I've been away for a little while. Mainly because I'm busy but also because I've been a bit stuck on what to write. I've been wanting to do some more posts about Sam, but these require me gathering bits and pieces, which I just don't have time for.
Sometimes I feel a bit funny posting about other things. Sam was the reason I started this blog, and when I'm writing about some of the garbage that I write about, I feel like I'm not paying him enough attention. So I end up posting nothing. Like I have lately.
Also, BlogThis, a major source of inspiration for me, are shutting up shop. So I'm going to have to go on a hunt for blog ideas.

All this nonsense contributes to a big of a block. I'm working through it, and should hopefully hit my groove again soon (this did happen to me last year - was it around this time??), and I managed to get up again. It's possible I might lose a couple more readers this time round though.

To all my lovely 'regulars'...thanks for sticking with me, you know who you are...

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