Monday, September 19, 2011

Losing Mel

So, I'm a few days into my quest for a new me, and so far so good.
I'd like to share a couple of successful moments with you, and then do a little bit of goal-setting.

I've mentioned before that food is a bit of a weakness for me. I can't help it, I like food. Especially good food that tastes yummy. So whenever I've 'dieted' (god I hate that word) before, it's been food that's brought me undone. I'm good at getting into a fitness routine, but it's the food that gets me in the end.

The very last time I started in on this, it was chocolate (my arch nemesis!). No sooner had I resolved to change my wicked ways than boxes of it appeared around the office (fundraising for the Christmas party; so a good cause, but a terrible temptation all the same), and my lovely colleague/boss Lyn introduced me to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Sigh.

Before that it was alcohol. I don't drink much really, and never during the week, but I do like the odd drink on the weekend. And sometimes when I have a couple of drinks, it's very easy to slip into the junk-food habits that seem to go hand in hand with it.

And there's also the general stuff - I have been hesitant to forgo the hot chips or the bowls of ice cream that my boys can enjoy without too much trouble (although Oliver is showing signs of the potential to pudge - better watch that).

So since I resolved to do better (and to spend a couple of weeks cutting ALL the bad stuff out), I've been proud of some wins (small things yes, but big to me):
  • When at a cooking party recently, I avoided the Burger Rings, a one-time favourite (I craved them terribly when pregnant with Samuel)
  • I have been able to completely ignore the ever-growing stash of junk food in the office, including the Chomp bar left on my desk this morning (Anthony gets that one - lucky boy
  • At the club for lunch on Sunday, I went to the bar for a beer, and came back with a soda water
  • I've been eating LOTS more vegies
I haven't done much exercise lately, as I've been sick, but I plan to get stuck into it again this week.

So here are my short term goals:
  • To get back into my typical exercise routine:
    • Monday - Sh'Bam
    • Tuesday - 45 minute morning walk
    • Wednesday - 45 minute morning walk
    • Thursday  - Sh'Bam
    • Friday - sometimes a walk
    • Saturday - Sh'Bam
    • Sunday - something with Oli (bike ride, walk or whatever)
  • To lose 5 kilos by this time next month
  • To stick with the 'no sugar or starchy carbs' thing at least until I go away with the boys in early October
If I do all this, I am going to buy myself a treat. I'm not sure what yet...

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  1. I hear ya Mel! I have the same struggle as you with food and it is like I self sabbotage my efforts. I know what to do but it is hard to avoid the temptation in day to day life. You can do it..... WE can do it!! We'll have fun Sh'bamming along the way! Cheers, Ange


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