Monday, August 2, 2010


Well guess what? I found out late last night that I won last week's photo challenge, for my photo of the owl.

There's no prize or anything, I just get to choose the next topic. But it's very nice to have my photo selected over a lot of other really awesome ones! I was starting to feel a little uncertain about my photographic skills, so it's a nice boost to the ego.

I've chosen 'Chaos' as my topic, as that pretty much sums up my life (and especially my house) a lot of the time. It's going to be tricky for some people I guess, but we'll see how they go...

It's also hopefully a sign of some good luck coming my way. My application (for the job I mentioned last week) is due in today, so fingers crossed for me!

I'll be back later tonight with a Sam post (that's if I don't crash out at a crazily early hour again, I didn't sleep much last night!)


  1. Congratulations! it was a good photo!

  2. Well done Mel! Keep up the good work. So proud of your efforts!!! Laura

  3. Great photo Mel. I'm a bit spooked by owls but only after we had one perched on our balcony recently. It was about 2 metres away from me and gave me a very direct look which I found very unnerving. I got up and moved inside! I'm not to sure what they represent, some say wisdom but I'm sure if that was the case it landed on the wrong balcony! Sue E.

  4. woo hoo mel....or should i say hooo hooo! loved the photo. good luck with the job. i know you will be super at it. cheers, ange


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