Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good yeah?

I guess you're wondering what it means, why it's the title of my blog.
Well, it's simple. Samuel, like any other normal teenager, took great pains to subvert the beautiful (yet over complicated) English language. While not quite as monosyllabic as the stereotypical teenaged boy; unless he was waxing on a subject he was passionate about, he was a man of few words.

An expression he adopted that was at times delightful, and at others a severe hindrance to conversation, was "Good, yeah." Whether the question was "How are you?" or "What did you think of the movie?", his standard response was "Good, yeah."

The king of understatement?
The most classic example that I can think of was relayed to me by James, my brother-in-law and Samuel's youngest uncle. James had ended up with a spare ticket to the Green Day concert in Sydney. He had kindly offered to take Sam. It was his first concert, and from what I hear, it was a pretty amazing one - light show, cannons firing tour shirts, audience participation, all the things that make a great stadium show - and a great way to introduce a music loving teenager to live music. James said that Sam didn't sit down for the whole show, and was obviously rapt in the whole thing.
Afterwards, James asked what Samuel had thought of the show. Sam's response?
"It was good, yeah."

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