Friday, February 12, 2010

Miss You

I'm missing Sam a lot today (and yes, there are tears).
So many things I wanted to do with him, talk to him about, see him achieve.
Love you, my beautiful boy.


  1. As someone who never thought he would be a parent, let alone a grandfather, being without Sam has been one of the hardest things to bear.
    We all expect our parents to die, when they get older, and for my own mother, Mel's Nana, I was glad it happened when it did, as I didn't want her life to go on any longer, in the state she was in. It was therefore such a relief after she'd died, for lots of reasons.
    Some people won't understand this, but in certain situations, namely, when people suffer, when they are no longer around, at least you don't have to worry about them any more.

    Not so with Sam. It's not so much the worrying, but the wondering about what he could have achieved, and the simple things he hadn't yet enjoyed. Twelve months ago he was a naughty, cheeky boy who at times I had to remind about his manner and being respectful of people like me, his Grandad.
    Much more recently was this charming young man, who was blossoming into a real nice person, and I enjoyed those few times of late, where we would sit and just watch telly together. Mind you he never stopped moving, and never sat up straight. Talk about a fidget!!!!
    Miss you heaps, Sammy

  2. "The simple things he hadn't yet enjoyed" - like the first kiss, driving a car, drinking a cocktail...

    Thanks for the comment Dad, nice to know you were nearby...


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