Sunday, February 20, 2011

We did it!

We got through it.

I knew all along that it was silly for me to worry. That it was a simple procedure, one the doctor did several times a week.

But I was worried.

He wasn't. As I said in the last post, Oliver's main concern was that he wouldn't be able to eat anything in the morning before his surgery.
He was a little nervous, and admitted so a couple of times, but he was more excited than worried. People had told him wonderful tales of jelly and ice cream and sitting around being waited on.

Because he was the oldest kid in the room, he had to wait until last to have his surgery. For two hours he sat in the pediatrics day ward singing, chatting and watching half a movie. He was very hyped and jolly.

The spunky anesthetist came along and joked around with him. Oliver told him he was 'cool' (he did look like someone out of Scrubs), and he said it was the nicest thing he'd heard all, all week! He challenged Oliver to a competition: Oliver had to count all the way to 10, but he said he wouldn't make it. Oliver said 'yes I will!'

I went in to the theatre with him. Definitely one of my more harrowing moments. Watching his body twitch as it went to sleep was truly scary. He just didn't look...right. (By the way, he made it to 7, but they cheated a little - they'd already started the gas when he started counting!)

 I had a little cry after I left there. It was just all a little too real. Then spent a fairly anxious hour waiting for him to come out.

When he did, he was miserable. Drowsy, and in lots of pain. The local on his wound obviously hadn't worked. Poor guy. Another teary moment.
But it was all uphill from there. The anesthetist had decided they wanted to keep Oliver overnight because of the way Samuel died. Just to keep an eye on him. He was pretty happy about it.

And he got his jelly (and ice cream), and video games in bed, and generally an adventure any 7 year old boy would be happy with (minus the pain!).
I'll be happy if we don't have to do it again, though...


  1. Aw, bless him (and you). I'm glad he did so well. And look at that video game they wheeled in there! Hope he heals up fast. x

  2. Glad it all went well. Hope things are all back to normal soon :)

  3. Love it, ggod to hear it all went smoothly - hope you have a fast recovery Oliver!

  4. Glad it all went well, hope Olly feels better really soon. Hope to see you both soon. Take care of all three of you and if you need anything (even if it is just different DVD's or Games to keep him occupied...) Just give me a call.


  5. Love you oli!!!! Let's do goodberries soon!!!! Love Aunty Laura and uncle phill xoxoxo


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