Friday, February 25, 2011

What, is she crazy?

I'm officially a student again.

I've enrolled at Newcastle University to do my "Master of Educational Studies", specialising in Information Technology.

I know what you're thinking - hasn't she got enough on her mind already?

Yep, I probably do. But this is something I've been thinking about for a while, and while I'm still in this mode of self-improvement (I'm doing very well exercise-wise, by the way - I've been doing something every single day) and living in the moment, I thought 'why not go for it?'

I do like studying, and it's something I do pretty well. When I did my Bachelor's degree, I was one of those people that everyone hated; getting HDs all the time with seemingly little effort.

I actually did make an effort though - it's not really in my nature to do a half-assed job. I worked fairly hard (and had a baby halfway through the degree), but I just seem to have the right kind of brain for academics.

In fact, I think eventually I'd like to work in a uni. Which is kinda why I'm starting my postgraduate study. I'm only going to do it part time, so it will take a while, but that's OK.

So wish me luck! I'll make sure I'm still keeping up with the blog, but if you see random tracts of text rambling about 'pedagogy' and 'instructional leadership' and such-like, you might like to give me a gentle prod and put me back on track!


  1. I'm in admiration of all that you do. Good luck with the study. I have the attention span of a gnat! Sue E.

  2. Whoah!! I am seriously impressed!
    You are such an inspiration Mel :)

  3. Go Mel go! I have no doubt that you'll go well. Cheers, Ange

  4. great to hear mel! I have just two subjects of mine left to go at wollongong... you will love it!

  5. Best of luck Mel, I am sure you will do BRILLIANTLY!


  6. Great idea Mel! I know you will do a fantastic job, they need people like you you at Uni!!!


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