Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's going to be one of those days?

Y'know those days that start out wrong? When you just know that things aren't going to go well?

I had one of those mornings today:
  • I got back from my walk late, which meant I was rushing a bit. 
  • I made Oliver a sandwich and then realised I'd promised him a lunch order (he was nice enough to eat the sandwich for breakfast, bless him!).
  • I left for work later than I wanted to, then realised that I needed petrol, so I had to stop for that too.
  • I got to work and realised that I'd left my lunch at home, then spent most of the morning dropping, forgetting and messing things up.

Luckily, my day improved considerably:
  • I was running late for some training I was going to do, but my very flexible colleague, Maryanne, covered for me. The presentation went really well too!
  • Then I spoke to the lovely Clint (you've probably realised by now that I have a great deal of respect for Clint. He is a pretty awesome dude!), who has been busy telling me all sorts of flattering, ego-boosting things lately; today was much of the same.
  • I dropped in at Jetty Surf on the way home to see if they could swap my thongs over. I'd bought a pretty pair of Havianas just after Christmas, and they had broken within a month. I hadn't kept the receipt, as I didn't expect them to break. But they were nice enough to give me a new pair. What lovely customer service. I'll have to go there more often.
  • Then, when I got home, I found out that our shed has finally been approved! Yay! After about 8 months of waiting, we have the go ahead to build a big shed in the back yard. I've briefly mentioned it before, but I'm sure Ill be raving about it soon, as Anthony starts to build it. He's currently in the middle of making my new kitchen, which is also super-exciting!
So all in all, it turned out much better than I expected.
I like that.

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