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Fashion, Family and Feats: my life in 5 year bursts...

The last few posts have been a little melancholy, so I thought I'd jump in on another Blog This challenge:
What were you doing 5, 10, 15, 20 etc years ago? 2005. 2000. 1995. 1990. 1985. 1980. 1975... Just go back as far as you can, we have a wide range of ages in our contributors!
Words, pictures or both, whatever you please.

Over the past few years, I have been thinking about how it would be nice to write some kind of a memoir (I know, I know, I'm only 36, but I've had a fairly interesting life up until now!), but that it's always so hard to remember stuff. This challenge will be a good place to start. As always, I've used photos to hopefully trigger some memories, and give me (and you) a bit of a giggle...

5 Years Ago
Feats and Finances - In 2005, I graduated from university. I was 32. I hadn't gone to uni after year 12, as I had a little bit of living I wanted to do. ;pI quite enjoyed uni, despite giving birth to a baby halfway through my degree. I did well, with a distinction average, and managed not to piss too many people off! I was offered a permanent job in November and spent the last few weeks of the school year working as a relief teacher, mainly at Birrigai, which is an awesome outdoor education school here in the ACT.

Family - In 2005, Oliver was 2 and Sam was 9. I think, deep down, Sam was proud of his mum becoming a teacher, but there was NO WAY he was going to let me teach at his school! Not that I would have anyway!
2005 was also the year that Anthony started getting serious about birds. It started off with a bunch of red rump parrots given to him by a friend, and a stray galah rescued from the side of the road. Now, we have hundreds of parrots of all different shapes and sizes (I'll write about them some time)!

Fashion - In 2005, I had already lost a fair bit of weight. I had been going to the gym regularly and eating well. At the time I said I wasn't dieting, but I certainly didn't eat heaps of junk. In the photo above, I think I'd already lost about 25 kilos. By my birthday/graduation it was over 30 kilos. So 2005 (and 2006) were the years I got interested in fashion again. I could walk in and buy something off the rack. Granted, it was usually a size 14-18 (sizing is just so inconsistent, isn't it!), but it FIT!
Now, of course, I've put almost all that weight on again! Sigh...

10 Years Ago
Family - In 2000, we were well on our way to establishing ourselves as a family. We'd bought our house (in 1998) and were busily knocking down walls, (we still haven't patched all the plaster!) planting our garden and ripping up carpets.
We went on our first 'family holiday' to Sydney, staying in a horrid hotel (above the pub; shared bathroom) in Wynyard in Sydney. We had a nice time though, walking almost everywhere (my boys have always had good stamina for walking - I truly believe it's the best way to see a place!) and doing lots of touristy things.
Samuel started preschool in 2000, and met some of the friends that he kept close until the day he died. He was quite young for preschool; three when he started, but he coped very well with it. We had no doubt that he was ready for it!

Work - In 2000 I had been working at the local cinema for 7 years. Some time around 2000, the management changed and it wasn't as nice a place to work. By 2000 I was the chief projectionist, and had started working as a shift supervisor for some shifts. I liked the shift work, as it meant I could do some of the school stuff (I was on the fund raising committee that year).
Anthony's business was going pretty well; and he was starting to pick up some pretty important jobs around town.

Fashion - In 2000, I didn't really worry about fashion too much. I wore a uniform at work, and as my job was fairly active and dirty, my clothes weren't particularly high fashion. I wore 'comfortable' clothes in my down time, many of which were fairly androgynous. I don't remember it being a particularly conscious choice, it was just what I liked. I was probably also a little conscious of my body/extra weight (which funnily enough, was not nearly as much of a problem as it is now!)

15 Years ago
For some reason, I couldn't find a single photo of me in 1995. This one was taken on New Year's Eve 1994, so it's close:
We were going to a 21st birthday party, with a medieval theme. Anthony must have really liked me even then, for me to talk him into dressing up like that!

Family - 1995 was the year I fell pregnant. I've told this story before, but Anthony and I had been together only about 5 months when I found out. A pretty heavy thing for both of us to have to deal with: me at 21 and him at 23. But we did OK out of it, I think.

Feats and Finances - In 1995, I was busy working as a projectionist at the local cinema. I'd been working there since 1992, and had been asking for a while to work in the projection room. I was told a few times that 'women don't do that job', but kept up my campaign until they gave me the job. I did it pretty well too, and then about 6 months into the job, found out I was pregnant (oh the irony!).

Fashion - Oh how I wish I had some photos for you! 1n 1995, there weren't the lovely, high fashion maternity clothes that there are now. There were (at least in the places I shopped) sacks, smocks and the occasional muumuu. My mum made me a few good bits and pieces (she's a highly talented lady that one, especially when it comes to anything requiring a needle!), but mostly I wore caftans and other shapeless, horrible things. Luckily, it was summer when I was heavily pregnant, so I spent most of my time in water, requiring little by the way of fashion!

20 Years Ago
Family - Well in 1990 I was 16, so I was still ensconced in my 'first' family. I was in year 11, and it was a very exciting year. I found (and lost) my first 'real' boyfriend, met my best friend Sally, and went overseas for the second time in my life (in 1988 I had gone to Indonesia with school as part of the language program).

Feats and Finances - In September 1990, I went to the USA with the ACT Senior Concert Band. We went all over the states, playing concerts as we went. We went to Washington D.C, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Small-town Wisconsin and lots of places in between. We even played a couple of shows at Disneyland. My dad came along for the ride, and quite possibly had more fun than I did, but it was a great experience!

Fashion - I was 16, and above average weight-wise (god I'd love to be that 'fat' again!), so I probably wasn't going to squeeze myself into some of the stuff other 16 year olds were wearing. Which believe me, is NOTHING like what modern day 16 year olds are wearing! I was more of a jeans and Dr Martens girl anyway, and for the most part, made fairly acceptable fashion choices!
25 Years Ago
Family - In 1985 I was 12. I was in year 6 and excited about high school, from what I remember! We'd been living in our house for 4 years, and I'd made some pretty good friends around the neighbourhood. Our area was still pretty new, but growing rapidly.
Feats and Finances - I seem to remember I was OK at writing in primary school, and quite enjoyed drama. I generally got pretty good reports and got along with most people. It's very possible that I tried my first cigarette in year 6 (but don't tell my mum and dad!).

Fashion - It was the 80s! What can I tell you, except that I was no exception! I don't know if these are all 1985, but they were definitely taken between 1983 and 1986. Note the socks and sandals!
30 Years Ago
Well there's not really all that much I can tell you. It was 1980, I was 6, and I obviously liked pink ponchos. 'nuff said!
35 Years Ago
The year was 1975...I was nearly 2, completely gorgeous:
and possibly slightly perturbed at the arrival of my little brother:
Isn't it amazing how much goes on in 5 years? So many changes in between those times...
I wonder what I'll be doing in 2015??

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  1. that's cool! well done!

    ah year 6 at gowrie primary. feels like only yesterday, but at the same time, a lifetime ago...
    I'm sure I could conjure up some stories... whether they be historically accurate would be up for discussion!

  2. Ha ha! Such innocent times!
    Wait until you see Sarurday's 'old photo' - let's just say it's from that era!

  3. Wow that photo of you in primary school shows how much oli takes after you, so cute!!! Laura

  4. Cool timeline, love the pics too:)

  5. Thanks for the comments!
    I can definitely see shades of my kids in some of those photos. More oli though, I think.


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