Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

Wow, I'm cutting it fine tonight! But here it is...

A photo of Sam
How cute was he??

A photo of Oliver
We went to Sydney for the day last Sunday for my nephew's naming day. It was one of the first days I got a real chance to play with my dad's camera. I like the focus in this one.

An old photo

This is one of my dear old dad when he was a little younger. Up the right way now!

An Interesting Photo

Another one with the different camera. They're very clear photos!
This is Connie, my mother-in-law's dog.

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:
This week's challenge was 'Old Age'. This is Merlin, our 15 year old dog, on our 15+ year old couch. (Actually, it's his couch!)

Morguefile Lesson Photos
Lesson 3 - Lenses.
I haven't done the assignments yet, but I thought I'd put these in. These were taken at Parramatta Lake last Sunday, with the same lens (from the same place).


  1. Mel's Dad/Sam's GrandadJune 19, 2010 at 10:27 PM

    Try 41 years younger!!!!
    Still remember that day. Mum's scarf, my sunglasses, and a friend who was/is a great photographer.
    Love Dad

  2. same eyes you and your dad...

    sam was just gorgeous. when I see pics of him as a baby it really stabs at my heart, since thats where I am as a mum.

    you and Anthony make beautiful kids :))


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