Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

OK, enough of this melancholy, feeling-sorry-for-myself stuff. Time for some photos.

I've been experimenting with Dad's (my?) camera, and must say that I still have a lot to learn. Some of it is the camera and some of it is me. Sometimes I think I took better photos when I didn't know anything about photography! I'm not entirely happy with many of the photos I've been taking lately. Hopefully it's a passing phase, and once I'm past the learning/experimental phase, they'll get better.
I've also bought Photoshop, which I should be able to start using tomorrow. Another learning curve, I know, but it should hopefully be a good editing/processing tool to make my photos even better.

So, here are today's:

A photo of Sam
A typical Sam pose. Bare feet, relaxed stance, cool expression. He's on our 'famous' front deck.

A photo of Oliver
Look at those long eyelashes!

An old photo

Me and Deb waaaaaaay back in primary school (hope you don't mind Deb - I'll take it down if you do!)

An Interesting Photo

I think it was Wednesday morning, I noticed that the hill not far from our house was almost glowing! I wish I'd gone closer, but it didn't last long anyway.

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:
This week's theme is 'portrait'. Portraits are definitely not my strength. I was trying to get a good one of mum and dad, but none worked out quite the way I wanted. I took this one of Ollie the other day (he saw me teaching myself how to knit and decided he'd learn too), it's quite nice, although I think I could make it better with Photoshop or something.

Morguefile Lesson Photos

Lesson 3 - Lenses.
I've been doing a bit more fiddling with the lenses; just trying them out and getting to know them. This one is with the longer lens (150mm). The big building in the background was about 4km as the crow flies) from where I was standing.


  1. hilarious!!!! i dont mind at all. :))

  2. mind you, WTF were we doing??? hahahaha! I have no recollection of that being taken. although it was 20 million years ago!

  3. I don't remember it either!
    We were probably doing something dramatic!


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