Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Mondegreens!

Ollie and I have had a lovely evening tonight, playing Uno and dancing madly around the lounge room. And now I have some more Mondegreens that I'd love to share:

We were listening to Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side'. The original lyric is:

"But she never lost her head, even when she was giving head".

Ollie's version was:

"But she never lost her head, even when she was given a head". I got a good 5 minutes of laughter out of that one!

(Oh, and before you jump up and down objecting to the music I play for my children, I do believe in exposing my kids to a wide range of music! Plus, there's MUCH worse out there!) :)

It also reminded me of one that he does for Pink's song "So What". The original lyric is:

"So what, I'm still a rock star".

Ollie's version is:

"Snow White, I'm still a rock star".


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  1. LOL!!
    Ollie's gorgeous!
    I know we have some classics between us in our house, but I can't think of ANY right now!!


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