Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday's Sensational Six

I didn't think I was going to get them in today. But here I am!

A photo of Sam
Oh what beautiful eyes you have...

A photo of Oliver
My Dad has given me his camera to fiddle with, and perhaps I'll buy it off him. I must say it does take some nice photos!

An old photo
Not long after we brought Sam home from hospital.

An Interesting Photo
More fiddling with Dad's camera. I do like the way it focuses!

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:

This week's challenge was ''Whimsical Winter". I wasn't enormously inspired (it's been a tough week), but it's better than nothing!

Morguefile Lesson Photos
I'm going to redo the lessons with Dad's camera when I get a moment. This one is nice, if not a little overexposed. I was testing out the longer range lens.

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  1. Love that photo of Oliver, he looks so grown up in it! What a handsome boy!!
    Laura xoxo


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