Friday, June 4, 2010

She didn't make it :(

So sad for my friend. He is absolutely devoted to his kids.
She was so young.
She didn't make it, poor thing.
I am feeling very sad for him right now. I know a little bit about how he feels.
Rest in Peace lovely girl.


  1. Oh that's so terrible to hear. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend. It must be so hard to lose such a precious little life.

  2. So much sadness Mel!!! Sometimes words cannot say enough! My thoughts are with with you and your friends families! Stay as strong as you all can :-( Jenelle x

  3. I just found out. Just awful. I didnt know him very well but I know how devoted he is to his kids, the last 2 reunions were testament to it!

    just horrible news.


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