Monday, September 13, 2010

New beginnings

I started my new job today.

It was very different to what I'm used to, but I think I'm definitely going to like it.

For a start, it was very nice to be treated as an equal by experts in the field. Straight away my contribution was welcomed, which was a very nice way to join in.

It was also very quiet and peaceful, which is something I'm not used to either. Hopefully that aspect won't drive me crazy! (actually, it won't, because it looks like I'll spend a lot of time travelling around and working with people).

The pace is very different too. It's refreshing to be able to go to the toilet whenever I actually need to, or finish what I'm doing without having to go on class or on duty. I can see I'm going to enjoy it!

They presented me with a MacBook Pro and an iPod touch to play with while I'm working there, which is kinda nice! I've just bought a lovely new iMac, and was going to give my old laptop to the boys to play with; so this will make it easier to relinquish the laptop!

All in all, I think it's a good decision. I'll keep you posted.

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