Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh, go on!

You guys have gotta stop telling me how great I am!

I'm going to get such a swelled head!

Seriously though, thanks (if you're reading) to the many people who have made some really nice comments to me lately. I really need it, and it's doing wonders for my self-image!

Twice in the past days, people that I know have told me that I read my blog every day. I never knew they did, and it's very nice to know. (I guess I'd better stop being so slack about posting then!)

I'm also still getting some nice comments about how strong I am being. Sometimes I don't feel very strong, so it's nice that that's the perception of some people.

Another lovely person today told me that she liked the way I still talk about Samuel, about both my kids. Not like he's still here, not like it's so depressing to talk about him, but just...normally.
I told her that it had always been my intention. That I didn't want it to be like he'd never existed, that he had been here 13 years - too long to just wipe him out.
It's always a little bit worrying, how people will feel/react when I talk about him, but I don't care. It sounds cold, but someone else's discomfort is something I'm willing to deal with.

Anyway, it's been a nice week. So thanks to those of you who are telling me this lovely stuff, and thanks to those of you who are still reading. It's nice having you here.


  1. It is nice to know someone appreciates you isn't it? I read a lot of blogs but don't tend to comment on a huge amount of them, sometimes I'm just in the mood to read and say nothing. I should lurk less and comment more :)

  2. Eeep! Teared up, wiped my eyes with oniony hands and it was all downhill from there...
    Love reading about Samuel, I didn't meet him, but now I feel as if I always knew him!

    I know I would've liked him :)

  3. :) You sent me a work email (re: Scootle) and I wanted to reply to say thanks and keep up the blogging but wasn't sure how you would take it. I have loved reading your blog and yes, the way you talk about your children and life since Sam. Enjoy the upcoming school holidays!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    And Grace, I just like that people read it!


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