Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Grateful - 3

Day 3 - January 3 2014
This is my Pandora bracelet. I know that everyone has one, but the thing I really love about them is the fact that everyone's is different. I had a lovely charm bracelet when I was young, and this brings back nice memories of it, but I also love the fact that every charm tells a story, funnily enough of all the things I'm grateful for! This is the story of my Pandora (from bottom left):
  • Jarrah bead - Anthony made this for me. He had made one earlier last year that was lovely but too big. So this one was made in honour of the original Jarrah bead. 
  • Butterfly - this is one of those 'BFF' charms. I have half and the other half is with my best friend of 25 years, Sally. 
  • Stars - My mum and dad gave me this one. Maybe 'cause I'm a star (or have my head in the stars)
  • Pink birthstone - This is the birthstone for October; the month that both Anthony and Oliver were born.
  • 'Oliver' spacer - This is a spacer that has 'Oliver' engraved on it.
  • Green bead - Anthony bought me this to remind me of him (like I need prompts!). Green is his favourite colour.
  • 'Tree of Life' - This is a lovely gold and silver charm that my parents gave me for my 40th birthday. It speaks to me in so many ways: joy of life, love of nature, renewal, growth... Lovely...
  • Silky Oak bead - this is another one that Anthony made for me. He knows that Silky Oaks are my favourite trees, and my favourite timber!
  • Turquoise birthstone - this is the birthstone for December. The month I was born.
  • Purple charm - Anthony bought this for me. Purple is (one of) my favourite colours.
  • M - fairly self-explanatory!
  • 'Samuel' spacer - This is a spacer that has 'Samuel' engraved on it.
  • Tiger stripe charm - Orange was Samuel's (and is Oliver's) favourite colour. Samuel also loved tigers.
  • Black birthstone - This is the birthstone for March, the month that Samuel was born.
  • Blackwood bead - This is another one made by Anthony. He loves blackwood.
  • Dragon - Anthony bought this for me. I love dragons, and used to collect figurines.
  • Lego brick - I put this one on. It tells the story of my new adventures in Lego, and the wonderful new friends I have made because of it!

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