Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Grateful - 7

Day 7 - January 7 2014
Work in progress...
Today I'm grateful for having already started my Masters. I receive my academic record today in the mail. I started my Masters in Education back in 2011, but after a semester was a little disillusioned by the university I had chosen. Mistakes in the unit outline, ineffective feedback, etc etc. So I pulled out.
This year, I'm taking on an exciting opportunity as I have been seconded by the University of Canberra to convene one of the units in the Bachelor of Education. A very exciting job indeed. And while I'm there, I have the opportunity to do my Masters. HAving already done two units means that maybe I won't have to work myself too hard (only a little bit hard!). So today, I'm grateful for the head start! 

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