Monday, July 5, 2010

50 Things

It's been done to death I'm sure, but I thought I'd write a list. It does happen to coincide with the latest Blog This challenge; their 50th and a very popular one at that. But I'm just using it as a inspiration, as I reckon this post is hilarious!

There are a few things that I could (and still might) write a list of: my favourites songs; my favourite movies; the best things about Canberra; my favourite books; my favourite children's books; naughty things I've done; good things I've done; things I'm grateful for (to go with my previous 10); places I'd like to visit; as well as the more serious ones, such as: 50 things I'd say to Sam if I could; 50 things losing a child has taught me; 50 regrets etc.

In keeping with my recent 'theme', I thought I'd list 50 things that I would like to do before I'm 40. But I got to about 12 and realised that I couldn't really think of 50!

So I thought I'd write a to-do list, some things to do on my extra day off (and other days). Maybe I'll even be able to cross some of them off soon!
  1. Work out what to do with Sam's ashes.
  2. Work out what to do with Sam's bedroom.
  3. Work out what to do with Sam's mural (or a place for people to go to remember him).
  4. Organise Sam's drawings/photos into a scrapbook or something.
  5. Organise Ollie's drawings/photos into a scrapbook or something.
  6. Learn more about drawing (something I started trying to teach myself a while ago).
  7. Teach Oliver how to sing/play the guitar.
  8. Do some stop-motion animation with Oliver.
  9. Get back into a regular exercise routine.
  10. Learn more about photography.
  11. Take a photo a day.
  12. Master Photoshop.
  13. Finish the scarf I've started knitting.
  14. Clean out the linen cupboard.
  15. Organise my photos and back them up to disc.
  16. Get the tax paperwork ready to send off to the accountant.
  17. Plant the fruit trees that (should) be arriving soon.
  18. Do some major weeding out the front.
  19. Write the kid's book I've been thinking about.
  20. Clean out the kitchen.
  21. Clean out the bathroom.
  22. Clean out the laundry.
  23. Go swimming at least once a week.
  24. Go to an exercise class (might tag along with you one day Deb!).
  25. Fill up the frames I've been buying.
  26. Take some nice photos to use on cards/in frames.
  27. Get a whole lot of stuff ready to sell at trash and treasure.
  28. Clean out my car.
  29. Get organised to start growing sprouts (to eat).
  30. Set up our home theatre/surround sound system.
  31. Write a book.
  32. Sort through the 'memory' chest.
  33. Prune the trees and the grapevines.
  34. Update my CV.
  35. Write my transfer application.
  36. Sort through all my school stuff and get rid of a lot of it (why did I collect all those resources? I never use them!)
  37. Update my Flickr more regularly.
  38. Clean the windows.
  39. Cut back the boysenberry bushes before they completely take over the world!
  40. Replant the strawberries and raspberries.
  41. Plant some serious vegetable plots.
  42. Fill my 'camera' money tin.
  43. Buy some new lenses for the camera.
  44. Buy a funky camera bag. These are quite lovely, but sadly only available from the U.S. Perhaps I should make one??
  45. Go for a bushwalk.
  46. Walk around Lake Burley Griffin.
  47. Go for regular bike rides.
  48. Bake yummy (but nutritious) recess treats.
  49. Read.
  50. Declutter!
Ok, for the last 20 or so I was probably reaching a little, but nevermind, it's done. It will be great if I can cross a few off...

I might do a list every month or so, the top 30 on the 30th or something. Would probably be an OK blog topic.

Stay tuned....


  1. Mel's Dad/Sam's GrandadJuly 6, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    Hi Mel,
    Keep THIS list and then show how many things you've done and crossed off!!
    Use Sam's mural as a feature "wall" on/in your new games/family room.

  2. You've made me tired just reading it! I wrote a similar list a couple of years ago and unfortunately I haven't crossed as many things off it as I would have liked but as my mother keeps on telling me "it's the thought that counts". I'll cling to that for now......
    Sue E.

  3. feel free to join me anytime! especially for cardio boxing, you need a partner for that!

    That is a pretty exhaustive list! I need a list like that, and staple it to daryls laptop! (where he spends 95% of his time!!!) There are SOOOO many things to do around the house, and i cant do most of them without him.


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