Saturday, July 3, 2010

All quiet on the blog front...

I know, I know, it's been very quiet around here lately, but I promise I've been thinking about you!
Thankfully, now it's holidays, so I might be able to blog a little more regularly for a couple of weeks.

But when I last left you, I finished rather abruptly. On Thursday night I was writing the post when Anthony hurried me out the door. Which is fair enough, if not surprising (we are NEVER on time for anything!).

We had a lovely Turkish banquet with my work colleagues and friends. I love a good Turkish banquet: always WAY too much food, but delicious nonetheless.
We are lucky enough to have a wide variety of restaurants (as well as a supermarket, butcher, chemist, newsagents, gym, pool, clubs etc) less than 2 kilometres from here, so it's nice to know we can walk over for a meal if we want it (mind you, on Thursday we drove there!).

Friday was a busy final day of term, trying to get things wrapped up for the holidays. Then Anthony, Ollie and I settled in for a night of Dr Who. Ever since he got into 'The Sarah Jane Chronicles' on Nickolodeon, Ollie has been totally hooked on Dr Who. We have been working our way through all of the current day episodes; and getting very excited about them! We haven't watched the current series yet (as we wanted to get up to date), but now that we are, we are ready to catch up with series 5 (anyone got it on DVD yet?)

So that's been my week in a nutshell. I've had an ongoing back-and-forth with Adobe, who got very confused after I ordered Photoshop and Lightroom; but it's all worked out now and I'm trying to work out how to use them!

Speaking of photos, I will be back later with my sensational six, just waiting for the camera's battery to charge (must buy a second battery....) so I can upload some photos taken today. Might be a late one today! See you then.

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  1. We can organise for 5th season for you, give us a call and talk to Scott about it. Some of the episodes might be worth watching before you let Olley see them, but it is well worth it.



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