Sunday, July 4, 2010

(Sunday's) Sensational Six

Oops I did it again!

I've been so carried away doing....absolutely nothing! And boy, has it been nice!
Well, actually that's not technically true!
Yesterday, I did a lot of housework (I know, so unlike me, but the house was pretty atrocious!). Then I played around with Photoshop a bit. Still so much learning to do!

Today has been fairly relaxed though. A bit more Photoshop, some outside stuff (it was a beautiful day today!), Anthony and I went into town briefly (and he bought me a second battery for the camera - very nice!). and then Sunday afternoon drinks. And what a lovely session it has been. Great company, and a really great time.

Of course, this all means I haven't posted my photos. And I know you're all desperate to see them!

So here goes:
A photo of Sam
This is in 2007. He had broken his arm not long after his birthday, at a local park. His dad was swinging him around on this big whirly thingy and he fell off, landing on his arm. Luckily he didn't need surgery, just a cast for 6 weeks. And boy did it stink when we took it off!

A photo of Oliver
Taken when he was 20 minutes old. He was so alert even then!

An old photo

This is one taken quite early on with our lumix camera. Not a bad photo for people who knew exactly nothing about photography! Like I have said, sometimes I think I took better photos before I started learning about photography!

An Interesting Photo

This was taken yesterday morning. It was foggy until well past 10am. I love a gum tree at the best of times, but shrouded in fog, they're just magnificent!

My weekly entry into the EB photo of the week challenge:

This week's theme is 'animals'. We certainly have plenty of them around here! As you can see, our cat is very patient (the one at the back is actually sitting on him)! It could use some editing, but I submitted it anyway, as I was running out of time.

Morguefile Lesson Photos

Lesson 3 - Lenses.
The final assignment in lesson 3 was about using the aperture and shutter speed to achieve an interesting effect. This wasn't quite the right thing, but I do love the perspective (the lego banana looks like it's the same size as the real one).

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