Monday, March 22, 2010

Another month passes

It's 3 months today since my beautiful Sam left us forever.

Some days it seems like so long ago, other days it seems like only yesterday.
I hadn't even registered it at first. When I left for work this morning, Anthony was a little upset, but didn't really say anything. I was cranky when I got to work but couldn't work out why. Then, about halfway through the morning session a kid came up with 19/3/10 on their work and I said 'that's not today's date'.
Then I realised today was the 22nd.

I managed to have an OK day, but was a little cranky and impatient. Not very good at expressing myself at the staff meeting either.

I miss you so much Sam. Everything I saw on the way home today reminded me of you: the teenage boy pushing a trolley for his mum at the deli, the checkout operators, the kid (no helmet!) riding along by the road, the teen running with his little sister (?) on the oval...all those things you'll never do again. It pisses me off. I'd do anything to have you back.

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  1. Thinking of you and your family on this anniversary.
    As a grieving Mum, I know how it feels.... be gentil and take care of YOU...

    Our boys share a beautiful name...


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