Thursday, March 11, 2010

My first post was about blogging: Should I do it? Will anyone read it? It feels like such a long time ago, but believe it or not, it was only four and a half weeks ago that I set off on this blogventure.

So, dear reader, 34 posts later, what do you think?

For me, it has been such a great way to deal with all the stuff that's been going on. When I'm writing I can process things; I can link things together; and (the best bit I reckon) I can include photos, videos and sound. So much better than a diary! It's been quite therapeutic too, I honestly believe I've gotten more out of this than I would have from 5 weeks of counselling.

Powerful Words
Today, I received a beautiful letter and card in the mail box (thank you beautiful friend - you know who you are!) Coming after some of the lovely comments I have received from people about this blog, it confirmed for me that I have been doing the right thing. I mean, this blog has been great for me, but to know that someone else has gotten something out of it too, that's very special to me. That they took the time to tell me how they felt was such a wonderful gift. It made my day!
The letter also said that my blog would gave them ideas about how to help loved ones experiencing loss. That really made me feel good. (I've got to work out how to say this without sounding terribly conceited, and I hope I don't come across that way), but I feel most happy when I know the people around me are too. If I can make someone more comfortable, make them smile, solve their problem, teach them something, then I feel like I have achieved something. It doesn't have to be Earth-shattering, and it certainly doesn't happen all the time, but it is one of the ways I find fulfillment. Conversely, all the times that I have been powerless to help really bring me down.
So to hear from one person that the words I write here have made a little bit of difference, well that makes me feel great! Thank you again. xx

So I think I'm going to keep writing. I hope that I can find the time, now that I am about to return to work, and maybe I won't post as often, but I'll definitely keep it up. Hopefully I can keep it up well.


  1. Dearest Mel,
    There are many ways of feeling good, and to know that you are feeling good about this blog, is very comforting to Mum and me. There was never any way we'd know how you all would cope, or in fact any of us, but just knowing that what you are doing is helping you, makes us feel good.

  2. Dear Mel,

    I was first directed to your blog by The Living End tag way back on Feb 14th, now I have coffee with you every day! Too many reasons to say in this comment why I ride the ups and downs with you but hang in there and all the best on your return to work. Sue E.

  3. Thanks Dad.xx

    And thanks Sue, it's great to know people are reading! I love the feedback!


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